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Multiple sclerosis trials currently rely on the Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS), a clinician reported outcome utilized to monitor disability changes in patients over a period of time. While this is the favored method to quantify disability, EDSS assessments are at risk for subjectivity and inter/intra-rater variability. Regardless of its common use throughout clinical research, its limitations call for a better solution.

What You’ll Learn About ERT’s electronic EDSS assessment solution:

A combination of training and electronic centralized data review can lay the foundations needed for gathering consistent and accurate data in MS trials. ERT’s electronic EDSS assessment solution reduces errors and biases by providing one application for raters to:

  • Prequalify for training
  • Utilize training to record accurate and unbiased data
  • Enter EDSS assessments into a platform with the capability to identify data discrepancies and oversee collection across sites and raters

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