Crisis as a Catalyst: Clinical Trial Decentralization Perspectives

Crisis as a Catalyst: Clinical Trial Decentralization Perspectives on Patient, Clinical Sites and Sponsors

April 15 at 11 am ET

Interested in learning more about the new challenges brought by decentralized clinical trials? Join our workshop, “Crisis as a Catalyst: Clinical Trial Decentralization Perspectives on Patient, Clinical Sites and Sponsors” on April 15 at 11:00 am ET. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the current environment and implications of moving towards a decentralized trial framework. 

ERT experts Matt McCarty, VP of Integrated Customer Solutions, Elisa Cascade, Executive VP of eCOA, and Matt Johnson, VP of Business Development, Digital Biomarkers and Wearables, will share their experiences and insights on the key considerations in the implementation of decentralized, hybrid or virtual trials, including:

  • Implications for shifting burdens amongst stakeholders
  • Crucial technology and workflow considerations in optimizing future trial constructs
  • New areas of opportunity created by integration of connected devices to support acceleration of trials, patient engagement and quality data management.

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Elisa Cascade


As Executive Vice President and Product Line Executive for eCOA at ERT, Elisa is responsible for business/market planning, advancing the Product portfolio, and maintaining business relationships in the eCOA space. She has over 25 years of experience in strategy consulting, clinical research, market research, brand strategy, salesforce deployment, health economics, and pricing. Prior to joining ERT, Elisa was a Chief Product Officer at IQVIA Technologies, where she was responsible for the development and maintenance of site-facing technology and served as the Lead for the industry collaborations: the Investigator Databank and TransCelerate Investigator Registry.

Matt McCarty

VP, Integrated Customer Solutions

Matt is responsible for defining and leading the strategy for ERT’s integrated product offering with a specific focus on patient and site experience and decentralisation. Matt has spent the last 12 years leading teams and innovating products in both the clinical research and commercial healthcare settings to reduce the patient burden of participation and to support patients in their healthcare journey. Most recently, Matt was Global Head of Patient Engagement for ICON’s Commercialization & Outcomes division and, prior to that, Head of Direct to Patient Research (Virtual Trials) at IQVIA.

Matt Johnson

VP, Business Development, Wearables & Digital Biomarkers

Matthew Johnson is a digital health entrepreneur driven to improve healthcare delivery through advances in technology. Serving as the General Manager & Chief Commercial Officer, Matthew’s first company, APDM Wearable Technologies, was acquired by ERT on June 9, 2020 and became ERT’s Wearables & Digital Biomarkers product line. ERT is a global data and technology company serving Pharma, Biotechs, and CROs, who have relied on ERT solutions in over 13,000 studies spanning more than three million patients to date. His current strategic interest is improving clinical trials by developing and introducing the next generation of scientifically validated digital endpoints. Matt’s next strategic initiative will be coupling these digital technologies and endpoints to therapeutics to enable precision medicine on a global scale.