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What’s Inside the Oncology Patient Data: Digital Health Preferences & Motivations eBook

This eBook explores the willingness among oncology patients to embrace virtual and remote data capture solutions, including digital health technologies. While some site visits may be required in an oncology study, there are opportunities to reduce the quantity and duration of visits to protect the health of immunocompromised patients and improve their overall trial experiences.

In order to determine how to most effectively implement these solutions in cancer trials, ERT surveyed patients regarding how willing they are and what would motivate them to use these technologies. As the industry moves rapidly to adapt to the realities of life during a pandemic and normalize virtual trials, these insights are more valuable than ever..

What You’ll Learn About Oncology Patients & Digital Health Technologies:

  • Rates of patient take-up, usage, and willingness to use for a number of different devices
  • Patient preferences regarding virtual visits and the drivers for these preferences
  • Patient responses to a number of proposed motivational tactics designed to encourage engagement

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