Best Practices for Spirometry in ALS Clinical Trials

Please register to watch our recent webinar as we explore the topic of Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), otherwise known as Lou Gehrig’s disease. This nervous system disease weakens the muscles and impacts physical function, which further affects respiratory function and presents challenges in performing quality spirometry procedures on patients.

Learn how to improve the success rate in designing your ALS clinical trials. In this webinar, you will hear from industry leaders as they discuss the challenges in performing respiratory tests with ALS patients. Discussions will focus on how best to provide as much comfort to the patient while reducing data variability and improving the quality of data capture and regulatory requirements for reporting clinical trials.

Featured Topics:

  • Share how to perform the test on ALS patients at home
  • Address the corresponding challenges with patients in supine and sitting position
  • Discuss the challenges that we have seen in ALS trials and how to prevent them
  • Review ATS 2019 standards and discuss how they should be applied in ALS trials

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Dawn Patterson RRT, CPFT

Dawn Patterson

Director, Respiratory Solutions, ERT

After spending 18 years as a respiratory therapist with Taylor Hospital, Dawn Patterson began her nearly decade-long career with ERT supervising and training clinical specialists in pulmonary function data analysis while designing and monitoring new processes and procedures that would increase the productivity, efficiency, and quality of the respiratory team overall.
Today, in addition to providing in-depth strategic direction for both the respiratory and sales teams, Dawn also interacts with and supports customers with informative presentations and seminars on the applications of new products and services.

Kevin McCarthy

Director, Respiratory Solutions at ERT

Kevin McCarthy has been working in the field of lung function testing since 1973. He was the Pulmonary Function Laboratories manager at the Cleveland Clinic Health System for nearly 40 years, retiring in 2016. Kevin’s research experience includes managing the pulmonary function quality control in two NIH-funded registries: patients with severe A1AT deficiency and LAM Registry, and was the site manager at Cleveland Clinic for the NETT study.

Kevin has published extensively on the topic of pulmonary function testing. He is a current member of the ATS PFT Committee and the ATS/ERS Task Force to update the standards for Lung Volume testing. He was a member of the ATS/ERS Task Force that updated the standards for Spirometry in 2019. Kevin is also a faculty member who presents the annual MGC Diagnostics Cardiorespiratory Diagnostics Seminar, providing excellent pulmonary function education for over 25 years.

Kevin has always been passionate about the quality of pulmonary function measurements. This passion has now moved to the clinical trial world, where data quality is critical. Measurements are to accurately answer the questions we are asking. He is now the Director of Respiratory Solutions at ERT for the US West Coast and Australia.

Adjunct Professor Dr. Kai-Michael Beeh

Founder and Medical Director of insaf Respiratory Research Institute Wiesbaden, Germany

Dr Beeh was born in 1971, in Cuxhaven, Germany. After studies in Medicine and Art  History in Frankfurt, Germany, he was clinically trained at Mainz University Hospital from 1997 to  2004. He performed basic research studies on lung inflammation at the National Heart and Lung  Institute, Imperial College, London, UK in 2000, and received board certifications in Internal  Medicine (2003) and Pulmonary Medicine (2004).  

In 2004 he co-founded the insaf Respiratory Research Institute in Wiesbaden (GER),  where he currently works as Medical Director. In this position he has designed and conducted  more than 100 clinical trials in asthma, COPD and allergies, acting as Principal or Coordinating  Investigator. In 2009 he founded Aereon Consulting, a scientific service company, also located  in Wiesbaden. Dr. Beeh received a degree in healthcare “Market Access Management” from the  European Business School, Oestrich Winkel, in 2015. From 2021 onwards he operates a private practice for Pulmonology in Wiesbaden. 

Dr. Beeh received the venia legendi for Internal Medicine from the medical faculty of the  University of Mainz in 2004, and serves as external lecturer (‘Privatdozent’; adjunct Professor) at  Mainz University Hospital since then. 

Dr. Beeh is the author of the popular international non-fiction book “Die atemberaubende  Welt der Lunge” (The breathtaking World of the Lung), published by Random House in October  2018 in multiple countries and languages globally. He is Editor of Pulmonary Therapy, Associate  Editor of Advances in Therapy and has published or co-authored over 100 peer-reviewed articles  on pathophysiology and pharmacotherapy of chronic airway diseases, including two publications  in the New England Journal of Medicine. He has also edited and co-authored a textbook on  COPD exacerbations in 2014, and reviews scientific articles for biomedical journals such as the  European Respiratory Journal, Lancet Respiratory Medicine, and others. Dr. Beeh is a member  of the German Society of Pneumology (DGP) and German Society for Market Access (DFGMA).